Guilt Management Terms of Service


Before submitting an Incident form, you are required to read and abide by the following conditions.  Any violation of these terms will result in your form

being rejected, and you yourself being blocked from the Guilt Management website.  Any further communication by email will also be ignored.  


1.  You understand that Guilt Management is not a counseling or conflict-solving service.  We respond to vents of frustration.  We are not councilors, and

will not get in the middle of conflicts between parties.

2.  You understand that Guilt Management is not responsible for your actions.

3.  You understand that we do not go after people, we do not threaten or hurt people, and we will therefore not be asked to do any such things.  We do

not exercise any magic or mind control: that sort of thing is just scary!

4.  You understand that all of the guilt attractions exist solely on the Guilt Management website.  They are virtual.  So any attempt to locate the Weave,

Gueach, or any other facility, will be unsuccessful.

5.  Please note that Guilt Management attempts to help people feel better by venting their frustrations to their maximum abilities in our incident forms. 

We will send the object of your frustrations, whether person or thing, to a guilt attraction, to be displayed on our website.  The effects are virtual,

and will not, in any way, be physically exercised. It's a way to vent and see your unhappiness displayed, without causing physical harm.  


Privacy information: 


no one's full name will be displayed on our public website: just there first name and last initial. Invasion of anyone's privacy will not be tolerated.



Please note that we may update this information at our discretion, so please take a look from time to time to see what's new!        


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